Rock Solid "A" Clamp - 2" Black

Rock Solid "A" Clamp - 2" Black
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  • Item #: RSPC2F-BLK

The Rock Solid "A" Spring Clamp 2" in black has coated handles and tips.  The clamp features spring-operated jaws that hold a variety of cables and other materials.

The clamp is designed for pressure clamping when speedy application and removal are important. The handles and tips are polyvinyl-coated for comfort and protection.


  • Non-reflective black
  • Jaw opening:  2" (5cm)
  • Ideal clamp pressure for light clamping and speedy application and removal
  • Nickel plated steel jaws
  • Heavy-duty tempered steel springs
  • Polyvinyl handles and tips
  • Point-of-pressure remains near jaw
  • Made in the USA

The Rock Solid "A" Clamp 1" (2.5cm) is also available.

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Price $5.60